Music (Instrumental & Band)

About the Instrumental Music program:

The Instrumental Music Program gives the students of P.S. 197 Kings Highway Academy the opportunity to engage and create with music in different styles and through the many timbres of the instrumental world. Students in this program will focus on music literacy - a necessary tool for all musicians - music production, and using music as a tool of communication
Students will have the opportunity to learn the foundations of reading musical notation on the staff and learn to draw, or engrave, musical notation as well.
Music production opportunities range from exploring the different sounds of one instrument to our instrumental band program offered starting in fourth grade to utilizing technology to create the same computer-based music used in the world around us.
Music is a universal language that is part of our everyday lives. The connection is biological- our heartbeat and has transcended into an art form used to communicate emotion, passion, and voices globally.
Students will have the opportunity to engage with music from many different cultures, peoples, and voices to help them learn to communicate their emotions, passions, and voices!