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Arrival and Dismissal


All students in K-5 will enter through the large schoolyard at 8:00 AM at designated gates. 3K/PK students will enter  through the courtyard gate on E 23rd St. at 8:00 AM. Grades 4-5 students will enter the school yard and walk directly to their classrooms beginning at 8:00 AM.


Students should enter/exit the schoolyard via the gate that corresponds to their grade. This is to relieve congestion at arrivals and dismissal. Parents are not allowed to enter the schoolyard during arrivals.


3K and PK Courtyard gate on E 23rd Street

K and Gr 1 E 22nd Street Gate (entry at gate closest to playground walk to Exit 10)

Gr 2 E 23rd Street Gate (entry at gate closest to Kings Highway;  walk to ramp)

Gr 3 E 22rd Street Gate (entry at gate closest to King Highway; walk to ramp)

Gr 4 and 5 E 23rd Street Gate (entry at gate closest to Auditorium)


Any child who is not with their class by 8:05 AM will be considered late. 

Excessive lateness and absences may lead to referrals to appropriate city agencies.



3K/PK Small Courtyard on E 23 Street

K - 5 Large School Yard on Kings Highway at the same gates designated for arrival

Walk home alone - If you give your child/children permission to walk home alone, you will need to fill out a “Walker Permission Form” or consent form which will allow him/her to go home alone after dismissal.  Please note this consent form does not permit students to go home alone during the school day due to illness or any other circumstances. A designated adult listed on the Blue Card will need to come and pick the child up.

Students will only be released to family members on the blue card that are 18 years of age or over.