English as a New Language (ENL)

Department of ENL at P.S. 197

P.S. 197 is proud to service our multilingual students and their families in a multitude of languages such as English, Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Albanian, and more! We use an array of instructional models to target every child's individual needs as well as work in collaboration with classroom teachers to align instruction to the core curricular standards. Each grade is serviced by a single ENL teacher to maintain consistency and continuity. We currently offer an ENL only program model. In English as a new language (ENL) programs, students are provided instruction in English so that your child can learn to read, write, and speak English. Students in this program can come from many different language backgrounds, and English may be the only common language among them. 


Ms. Roman

Ms. Zeng

Ms. Xu

Ms. Schulman

Ms. Radwan-Dana

Ms. Ivanova