Mathematics at P.S. 197

  • We at P.S. 197 realize the importance of mathematics in our students’ lives. We strive to make math a part of their world, not only during our mathematics block, but throughout their school day. Math is very visible in our school building, sending children the important message math matters. We believe all of our students are mathematicians and we work hard to ensure they understand the concepts behind the mathematics.


  • We understand there is not one program that can give our students all they need to develop a deep understanding of math. Therefore, we align all of our instruction to the Common Core Learning Standards using a variety of programs and methodologies.

Programs: Go Math, Exemplars, Engage NY and Metamorphosis

  • Go Math! – We use the Go Math! pacing calendar and objectives to plan our lessons, but incorporate other ideas the ensure the children have a deep, conceptual understanding of math.
  • Metamorphosis – Staff developers visit our school throughout the year to work with our students and staff members to deepen their understanding of mathematics.
  • Exemplars – Teachers utilize deep, multi-step problems in their classrooms.
  • Engage NY – Activities and problems are added to lessons to further develop conceptual understandings.

Math is Fun!!!

  • We realize students also need to have fun with math! We have yearly events around mathematics to keep the students thinking, but also having fun.
  • 100 Day Activities – Every class celebrates the 100th day of school by creating math projects and displaying them on their classroom bulletin boards. 
  • Math Week – Math is celebrated for an entire week. Classes play games, the entire school participates in activities like Scoot, where they compete against each other to solve math puzzles. 
  • Math Bee – 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students compete to see who is the PS 197 math champion.