American Sign Language

Did you know that American Sign Language is the fourth most common language in the United States? Learn the alphabet and how to communicate with others using beautiful and graceful signs. Students in this club will also learn how to interpret music using sign language to perform at our winter and spring galas!


Great thinkers wanted! Come and join us to play some chess. For beginners, learn the rules of the game and the basic moves of each piece. More advanced players can develop strategies and become stronger players. Who knows, maybe by June you could beat the teacher!

Comic Book Club

Are you a fan of superheroes? Do you enjoy illustrating your own stories? Then, the Comic Book Club is for you! Make new friends who share your interests as you design your very own comic book characters!

Board Games

Monopoly, Checkers, Jenga…. The list goes on and on! Board games are a great way to build up your thinking powers while chatting with friends. Join our club to participate in friendly games every week.

Drama Club

Do you do impersonations, tell jokes or just enjoy entertaining people? Then this club is for you! Try out your acting skills with the Drama Club!

Student Leaders

Wanted! Students who love working as a team to help others. Participate in the planning of school fundraisers for charity. Help make PS 197 a better place with this engaging club.

School Newspaper

Ever wonder what it is like to be a reporter? Join this club and cover school events for our bi-monthly newspaper. Be on the scene to interview guests, photograph events and help spread news about P.S. 197.

Money/Business Club

Are you interested in how businesses work? Do you want to learn how to manage money? Join us to explore the world of finance.

Mission Solar System

Put your engineering muscles to the test in this exciting club! Work with friends to design solutions for the problems of space travel!


Create your own characters and go on imaginary adventures with your friends. Design maps and build props to help bring stories to life!


Do you have what it takes to come up with creative solutions to real world problems? Do you enjoy a challenge? Students in this club will meet to work on inquiry based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related activities. They will complete challenges by creating and building with all kinds of surprising materials.

Basketball Club

The Basketball Club is looking for people who have good sportsmanship and enjoy working as a team. Learn basketball skills while playing games against classmates. No experience necessary!

Road Runners Club

Do you like to run? Students in this club will play games and participate in drills that will help them develop the strength and stamina needed to become lifelong runners.

Drum Club

Drums, percussion and hand made instruments. Sound interesting? Students joining this club will listen to music and play along to some of their favorite songs. Students will explore different styles of music and learn the basics of drums and percussion. We will also create instruments and perform at the winter and spring galas.

Stop Motion Animation Club

Lights! Camera! Action! Turn your drawings and sculptures into animated videos with stop motion!

Buckets and Bells Club

Did you know that besides being fun, learning an instrument is good for your brain? Scientists have discovered that kids who play instruments develop excellent hand-eye coordination, can concentrate better and become great problem solvers. Join this club to find out what instrumental music can do for you!

Dance Club

Get a step ahead in this energetic club! Learn new dance skills while strengthening your muscles. Perform with your friends at school events!

Origami Club

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding that started in Japan and China thousands of years ago. Yet, we still see origami around us today - envelopes, fancy napkins  and even pizza boxes are all folded. Learn how to transform a flat piece of paper into all kinds of spectacular shapes in this unique club.